The following books are available in most libraries and bookstores and some are available in our lending library.  This is not a comprehensive list but rather a suggested reference list of books we have found valuable to our understanding of the growth and development of children and the Montessori Method.

Books about Montessori Education

  • Montessori Today, A Comprehensive Approach to Education from Birth to Adulthood, Paula Polk Lillard
  • Montessori: The Science Behind the Genius,  Angelene Stoll Lillard
    Download Chapter 1 of The Science Behind the Genius
  • Montessori Madness!, Trevor Eissler
  • A Parent’s Guide to the Montessori Classroom, Aline D. Wolf
  • To Educate the Human Potential, Maria Montessori
  • The Absorbent Mind, Maria Montessori

Books about Parenting and Education

  • Montessori From the Start, Paula Polk Lillard and Lynn Lillard Jessen
  • Living Simply with Children, Marie Sherlock
  • Endangered Minds, Jane Healy
  • Punished by Rewards, Alfie Kohn
  • Emotional Intelligence, Daniel Goleman
  • Siblings Without Rivalry, Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish
  • Between Parent and Child, Dr. Haim G. Ginott, Alice Ginott, and H.Goddard


Trevor Eissler, Montessori parent, offers a parent-to-parent argument for Montessori education.

The TED Conference hears from Google’s co-founders about how Montessori helped create their mammoth success.

Sir Ken Robinson makes an entertaining and profoundly moving case for creating an education system that nurtures (rather than undermines) creativity.

An animated version of Ken Robinson's follow-on talk about Changing Education Paradigms.


How do Innovators Think?
A recent article in Harvard Business Review discusses innovative entrepreneurs vs. average executives.
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How to Bring Our Schools Out of the 20th Century
A Time Magazine report. 
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The Montessori Mafia
From the Wall Street Journal.
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Ten Reasons People Still Need Cursive.
While some argue cursive writing belongs in the archives and Common Core ushers it out of schools, the evidence shows we need it as much as ever. 
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Evaluating Montessori Education
Groundbreaking study by Angeline Lillard, published in Science Magazine.
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Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) is the original organization to promote the ideas and principles of Dr. Maria Montessori, both training teachers and accrediting schools. Association Montessori Internationale / USA is AMI's branch office in the United States. is a project from the Montessori Administrators Association (MAA) with a goal of providing accurate and relevant information about the Montessori method of education to parents around the world.

Aid to Life offers clear, simple, straightforward parenting advice that is easy to understand and most importantly easy to apply.

When the child goes out, it is the world itself that offers itself to him. Let us take the child out to show him real things instead of making objects which represent ideas and closing them up.
— Maria Montessori