Hollis Montessori School provides an educational environment like no other. We have been a part of this amazing community for the past three years. Our daughter started in the Children’s House when she was three and we have been so impressed with all aspects of her educational experience. The classroom environment is aesthetically pleasing, clean, and tidy. All materials are neatly arranged and easily accessible to the children. The daily lessons are presented either individually or within a small group with the use of materials and manipulatives that allow the students to construct their knowledge and discover new ideas through their tactile sense. HMS fosters each student’s sense of independence. From a very young age, the children are taught essential practical life skills. They learn how to fasten buttons, sweep floors, prepare food, set tables, wash dishes, and dust shelves. The Montessori environment cultivates the whole child and fosters a child’s innate sense of curiosity. My child is intrinsically motivated to learn and views learning as fun and rewarding. Hollis Montessori School works hard to support parents as well as students. The school hosts numerous parent education events, parent coffee hours, and book clubs. I have found these to be so informative and helpful in understanding my child’s current stage of development and how best to support her in our home. The staff members at Hollis Montessori School are exceptional. The guides are masters at their work and are so gentle, patient, and caring. They promote an atmosphere of respect and create relationships built on trust. The children receive lessons on grace and courtesy and the guides model these principals with their own graciousness each day. The office staff is incredible. They work diligently to make strong connections with each family. When I drop my daughter at HMS, I know she is receiving the best possible education. The professionals at Hollis Montessori School care for my child with the same level of love and compassion that they give to their own children. We are so lucky to have found a school that feels like an extension of our home.
— Parent of a Children's House Student
Hollis Montessori School provides a nurturing environment where a kid can be a kid and learn at his/her own pace. My eldest child will be completing her sixth year(third grade) this year and in these six years her biggest gripe has always been not being able to spend more hours at school. The guides are warm, loving and invested in the well being and growth of every child. We LOVE the school - for the beautiful friendships my kids forged, for the incredible support of the parent community, for understanding different family needs and working with us to make us feel heard. As my kids’ say, “My school is just like my home. It makes me happy”.
— Parent of Elementary Children
Our child has attended Hollis Montessori for four years. We are extremely happy with the quality of education, both academic and social/emotional. The strong focus on independence and caring for the classroom environment are valuable life skills at every age. We have found the staff to be caring, dedicated and truly invested in the happiness and success of each child.
— Parent of a Children's House Student
Our 2 children attended HMS for 4 years before we relocated. Leaving this phenomenal school was the absolute toughest part of our move. We LOVE that school, the amazing staff and the lifelong friendships we made there. Sending our children to HMS was one of the best decisions we’ve made as parents. It has forever changed how I view education. It is the way children are meant to learn.
— Parent of Children's House & Elementary Students
As we head into Semester Two [in high school], it has become so evident that his time at HMS has put him into position to deal with whatever comes his way. Academically, socially and in virtually every aspect of his teenage life, the toolkit that was forged at HMS has provided him with such confidence and poise. We are so grateful for the dedication and commitment of the entire HMS community. What you are cultivating is truly extraordinary.
— Parent of an Upper School Graduate '15
The Upper School Program allowed our child to grow and mature in ways we felt were needed for her to have a strong sense of self as she ventured into a larger school. This objective was greatly exceeded. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.
— Parent of an Upper School Graduate '14
HMS is the best Montessori school in the area. The teachers are warm, caring, and very attentive to each child’s needs, strengths, and areas where they need to grow with time and guidance. My son often tells us how much he loves his teachers, and is excited to go to school each morning. His clear understanding of math concepts learned in just a few months amazes me. The Head of School and Assistant Head of School could not be any better: they communicate well and often, and respond to parent questions or concerns quickly and thoughtfully. All the teachers I have worked with are very accessible and welcome parent communication and feedback. The teachers are thoughtfully selected and very talented at what they do! The school highly encourages parent involvement, and the families respond. HMS has a great community of families!
— Parent of a Children's House Student
These middle school years here at HMS are helping our son lay the finishing groundwork for success in high school, college, and beyond. He is tackling accelerated math work with a gusto. The entire class is performing professional level water quality monitoring tests with biologists from the state. He verbally presents his writing, he absolutely loves the micro-economy work, he gets to mountain bike for gym class, he can actively debate his opinions about philosophical ideas, and the boy who thought he was bad at art now loves to watercolor. Most importantly, he is part of a community of energetic and enthusiastic learners - and the spark has returned to his eyes.
— Parent of an Upper School Student
The Upper School at HMS was a wonderful experience for my son and for my family! It was just incredible to watch him mature and enjoy learning. He had life changing adventures! He was consistently challenged and was taught very important life skills in addition to academic ones! I will always be grateful for this program, the teachers and community.
— Parent of an Upper School Graduate
We couldn’t be happier with our choice to enroll our daughters at Hollis Montessori. In addition to a very solid academic preparation, they learned how to be independent, organized, the value of friendships, a love for the outdoors, and a desire to contribute to the greater good. Their transition to high school was very smooth and they were extremely well prepared in all areas. Even though Montessori doesn’t emphasize testing, both have scored very well on standardized tests. Our younger daughter continues to succeed in high school and our older daughter is now thriving at a top-rated college. Most importantly, they are curious and engaged people. We feel that Montessori gave them an incredible foundation for their lives.
— Parent of Upper School Graduates