Our Primary (or “Children's House”) classroom environment is carefully designed to meet the needs of children between the ages of 3 and 6, who are described by Dr. Montessori as possessing “absorbent minds.”

The teacher acts as a nurturing guide and facilitator. Children are given sequenced lessons designed to increase their skill and independence. Once they have been introduced to the materials, children enjoy choosing their own activities.

During a three hour period every morning children are engaged in a wide variety of activities. They may practice skills to care for themselves or the classroom or work on writing words or stories. Some children may work together to solve a large equation with manipulative math materials. Others may care for plants by watering or washing the leaves. The Montessori materials, joyfully presented and freely chosen, create a strong foundation for reading, writing, creativity, critical thinking and participation in an active, diverse community. By the time children have completed three years in the Children's House they have become poised, proud, and compassionate leaders for the younger children. They have learned to think for themselves, approach learning with joy, and self-regulate their emotions for social harmony. Children who have developed academic skills, an inquisitive mind, and a confident manner in the Children's House are ready to move on to our Elementary Program.

Why Start at Age 3?

3 to 4 years old
8:30-11:30, M-F


5 to 6 years old
8:30-3:00, M-F

Never help a child with a task at which he feels he can succeed.
— Maria Montessori