The best way to get to know Hollis Montessori is to visit us! 

We offer two different options for visiting our school. Choose the one that works best for you! You can schedule either option below or by calling us at 603/400-1515.

School Tour (20 minutes)

A shorter visit to tour our school, meet our Admissions Director and receive a brief introduction about Montessori education. Your child can accompany you on this visit. If you decide you'd like to submit an application for your child, you'll need to schedule an Observation Tour for another time. 

Schedule a School Tour

Observation Tour (1½ - 2 hours)

A longer visit to observe our classrooms in action, tour the school, converse about your child, and learn about Montessori education. This is an essential step in the admissions process. Please note that observation visits are for adults only.  Learn more about what to expect on a tour.

Schedule an Observation Tour