The Upper School at Hollis Montessori redefines the school experience for students in grades 7 through 9.

Students are challenged with work that is not only intellectual, but also physical, social, collaborative, expressive, ethical, practical, economically significant and integrated. This work encompasses the full human experience and lays the groundwork for their journey into adulthood.

Classroom subjects are explored in an integrated manner, where students grapple with real-world issues while honing their skills in math, economics, science, humanities, language and writing. We focus upon the development of a successful process and innovative approach, rather than rewarding an expected answer.

The arts and physical education are important and integrated components of our program, along with a student run business, educational travel, and community service. All students in the Upper School program are invited to participate in their public school athletic teams as well as music or other activities.

Our graduates are well prepared for high school and college as capable, confident, and compassionate young adults. 

Above all it is the education of adolescents that is important, because adolescence is the time when the child enters on the state of adulthood and becomes a member of society.
— Maria Montessori